High Conflict Divorces

The Story of the Koala

Many of you might wonder why I have an image of a koala in my logo.  Well, other than he is super cute, did you know that koalas live the hardest and toughest lives of any animal?  They have to eat to survive but eating also kills them.  The eucalyptus leaf they eat makes their teeth become brittle which causes decay which then leads to trying to eat without any teeth.  One option they have is to eat without chewing, but that also can cause problems--choking on a whole leaf.  The leaf they consume is also poisonous and doesn't provide much energy so that is why the koala sleeps most of the day. As far as defending itself against predators, it lacks the power and energy.  With all of that said, doesn't koalas earn the title for "only the fittest survive"? 


Sometimes, many of us can feel like a koala.   Life can present us with many unforeseen circumstances that we cannot control, however, we CAN control our attitude and emotions to those situations. This is where we need to speak life into strife and create our own futures based on what we CAN control.  


Image by Vish K
Image by Edward Howell
Image by Edward Howell

Speaking Up, Speaking Out

and Taking Action!

I want to help you navigate the challenges of divorce to emerge stronger and with more self confidence to ultimately define your "new" self.  I will share experiences and lessons that I learned through my three year journey.  Just because this event happened, does not mean it has to define you.  It is a chance to reset your life and take control of the next chapter.  

I thought at age thirty five, I had the life of what most dream of - a farm house with a white picket fence, large yard with my boys laughing and playing on the zipline and treehouse along with my dogs.  I had a fantastic career, supportive husband, the dream American family, but I was wrong.  My world changed drastically when my husband came to me asking for a divorce.  Life as I knew it, a career driven, full-time mom of two boys and engaged wife, had ended and I needed to find my purpose, without having my boys 100% of the time and not being as engaged with their activities and learn how to co-parent with an ex.  The good news is, I found my purpose and so can you! 


Our divorce was not easy.  There were many accusations and attempts to attack my financial success and even contempt's of court filed, but all dismissed or withdrawn.  After speaking with so many others who experienced similar circumstances, I decided it was time to speak up and help those who need to embrace the new opportunity and overcome the challenges that we face during a divorce such as re-establishing financial goals, health, gaining parent equality, setting new life goals, co-parenting, and self esteem to name a few.