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I am Kindra Renee, a proud mom of two boys, an ice cream addict, a lover of everything outdoors, industrial B2B marketer during the day and advocate for parenting equality at night.  

In my free time I love reading books, hiking with my dog Zeke, painting old furniture, doing yoga, crossfit, horseback riding and having dinner with friends.  Some of my favorite authors are Rachel Hollis,  John Maxwell, Angie Smith, and Sophie Kinsella. 

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My Story

In 2018, my life changed when I got an unexpected divorce, however, I realized that God has to make us move out of our own way sometimes to excel in our lives.  Shortly afterward, I realized I was in for an exhausting exercise in patience as a long divorce proceeding loomed.  I was drowning in a nightmare that included a custody battle for my children, limited visitation with my handsome boys, mounting debt, unsecured finances regarding our house, and so much more. Let's face it- I was at the lowest point of my life.  I felt I had absolutely nothing.  It was through tenacity and an empowering group of women, that I found my footing again.  I dusted off my boots and began the journey of taking my life back.  Now, this life is one of resilience, and the unexpected bliss of motherhood turned upside down.  I am, because of my battles, stronger mentally and spiritually.  I choose to live an abundant life in the midst of strife.

My mission is to bring awareness to the positivity that can result from a difficult time in one's life.  My passion is speaking to those whom I might help from applying what I have learned in life to other's hardships.  


I'm always looking to speak to new groups.

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